Turnip – Goldana (Organic)


An improved version of the Golden Ball turnip, creamy-yellow flesh, suited for spring and autumn sowing. Turnips are very traditional vegetables which, unlike most of the vegetables we eat, are native to Europe. For some reason they are not as popular as they used to be.

Goldana is a tasty maincrop variety with a uniform golden round shape, probably one of the mildest and sweetest varieties that you can find. It is quick to grow and doesn’t need much attention. “Get them in, get them out” is what Fred says. He likes them in soups or stews but they can also be roasted, mashed or grated into a slaw or salad.
(Approximate seed count – 400)

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When to sow: Feb – Aug

Spacing: 15 x 30cm

Turnip tips: Turnips can be sown from February under protection, or in mid-March until May outdoors. Fleece or netting is recommended to protect from root fly.

Maincrop turnips can be sown from mid-July to late August. Turnips are fast growing with low nutrient requirements.

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