Winter squash – Delicata Zeppelin (Organic)


Delicata squashes are famous for their sweet flavour when roasted. This superb selection (known as Zeppelin) has been improved by Frank Morton and his crew of plant wizards at Wild Garden Seed in the USA, and is a total winner.

Delicata squashes do not store well so are best eaten before Christmas.

(Approximate seed count – 6)

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When to sow: April – June

Spacing: 1.5 x 1.5m

Winter squash tips: Sow in pots indoors from April and plant out in May; or sow direct in May. Squashes are very cold sensitive, so cover the plants with fleece if there is a danger of frost.

Squashes are hungry and benefit from a good dose of manure or compost added to the soil before planting. They also do well planted straight into the compost heap!

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