Zinnia – Queen Blush Lime (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


A truly unique zinnia producing blooms of lime green and purple. This stunning variety is really quite other-worldly. There are not many flowers which are green but this is one and it’s quite remarkable.

The green flowers are blushed with contrasting purple, creating a zingy electric effect. A real show-stopper!
(Approximate seed count – 75)

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When to sow: Apr-June

Spacing: 30x30cm

Zinnia tips: Zinnias do not like the cold so do not sow them too early. They also do not like having their roots disturbed.
Direct (recommended): wait until soil has warmed (mid May), sow every 5cm in drills 30cm apart and thin to final spacing.
Modules: sow beginning April and transplant into final position mid May. Tall varieties may need staking.

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