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Spring is just around the corner. Are you ready?

It’s almost March. What an exciting time of the year. Although there has been so much rain in the last months, the weather could turn quickly and you might be watering your carrots in a few weeks time!

There are a lot of seeds you can start off indoors in plugs now. And as soon as the soil warms up, you can start sowing directly outside, too. Broad Beans, Boltardy beetroot and salads are amongst the first vegetables to sow. But don’t jump ahead of yourself. Watch closely – if the weeds in your beds are sprouting, it might be a good time to start sowing some vegetables out there as well.

Seeds to sow in March
Seeds to sow in March

Be prepared

Being prepared for the busy season in the garden is a key to success. Materials needed for sowing your seeds and preparing your beds are:

  1. A fork or spade to dig over your beds or containers and to remove weeds
  2. Homemade compost or well-rotted manure to add slow-release nutrients and improve soil structure to your outside beds
  3. A rake to rake the soil/compost to a fine consistency for seed sowing. For smaller spaces a small hand fork will do
  4. A watering can with a rose or hose pipe with a lance or spray gun to ensure gentle watering
  5. A trowel, hoe, stick or hands to make a ‘drill’ (shallow trench to sow seeds into). Use a bamboo cane or string on a stick if you want to get straight lines
  6. Seed trays and pots, containers or module trays for potting on. Make sure they all have holes in the bottom for drainage
  7. Seed compost

How about some kale…

Kale is known as the ‘super food’ you can grow in your own garden. It helps boost well-being and prevents a range of health problems.⁠ Kale is an easy crop to grow, and is less susceptible to disease than other brassicas.

Seeds can be sown under cover from now or directly in the soil from April.

Kale for your garden
Buy great kale varieties for your garden

Growing tips for March

  • Make final preparations for the growing season ahead. Get your tools ready, stock up on seed compost, germination test your seeds (click here to find out how) and make sure you’ve got all the seeds you need for the season
  • Find alternatives to pots made from plastic. You can get various types of plastic free growing containers these days. Also there is an endless amount of used pots, containers, tools, gardening materials in the world, that aren’t in use and there is often no need to buy things new. Get creative!
  • Prepare your beds
  • Keep on top of your weeds from early on
  • Sow the first seeds outside and inside (Click to find out what seeds you can sow in March)
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