Fennel – Perfektion (Organic)


Just the right blend of dependability and flavour creating attractive white bulbs with the signature anise flavour. Perfektion creates a succulent, round, white bulb with fine flesh. It has a delicious anise flavour and is reliable in its growing pattern. This variety also has attractive fern-like foliage which is also edible and good for adding a hint of anise to your cooking. Suitable for early or late cultivation.

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When to sow: May – June

Spacing: 30 x 30cm

Fennel tips: Florence Fennel likes a sunny site and a lot of water. Direct sow in late May or June in rows 30cm apart or sow in April in modules and transplant at four-to-five leaf stage. Keep it moist and earth up when the bulb starts to swell. Fennel can also be grown in 15cm pots.