Aubergine – Cesky Rany (Organic)


Robust plants producing early violet fruits that have aromatic light green flesh.

This old variety originates in Czechia with “rany” literally translating to “early”. It is robust, productive and can deal with colder conditions than other aubergines. In the warmer and drier areas of the country it will even do well when grown outdoors.

The fruits are really pretty with their oval, drop like shapes and colours ranging between dark and light violet. Occasionally the green part at the top, the calyx, leaves patterns on the skin of the fruits which got us very excited about growing them.

(Approximate seed count – 15)

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When to sow: Jan – March

Spacing: 75 x 50cm

Aubergine tips: Sow indoors in seed trays from late February, or if you have a heat mat from January. Seeds need steady temperatures of 21°C to germinate effectively, and they like a high light intensity. Once plants have a few true leaves they can be moved on to larger pots (10cm). They can be planted out at their final spacing in April or May, preferably in a polytunnel or greenhouse. Remove growing point of main stem to encourage fruits setting on the sides.