Asian Greens – Mizuna – “Beni Houshi”


A striking variety of mizuna with lime green leaves and purple stems. This beautiful new mizuna variety is apparently taking the Japanese foody-scene by storm! It’s similar in taste to green mizuna and is delicious raw in salads or cooked in stir-fries.

With its contrasting colour scheme it’s a real head-turner and is certain to impress.

(Approximate seed count – 180)

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When to sow: Jan-Apr, July-Oct

Spacing: 15 x 30cm

Asian Greens tips: For early spring salad sow from mid-February under cover. For autumn/winter leaves sow from mid August till October. Direct sow in drills 15cm apart or sow in modules and transplant to final spacing. The leaves can be picked individually or treated as cut-and-come-again; spacing can be tighter for the latter option.