Chicory – Radicchio ‘506 TT’ (Organic)


Fantastic modern Palla Rossa type radicchio forming large round heads.

This is a wonderful new Radicchio variety much celebrated by market gardeners due to the high consistency of its heads which can be harvested from September until December. The leaves can be eaten raw as a delicious addition to winter salads, or they can be sliced and baked with olive oil and balsamic. (Other recipes are available too)

(Approximate seed count – 150)


When to sow: June – July

Spacing: 30 x 30 cm

Chicory tips: Sow in June / July in situ; space rows 30cm apart. Thin out to about 30cm. Or sow in modules/ trays and transplant to get best results.
Useful for intercropping, as tolerates light shade from overhanging plants. Cut heads from September until December; protect plants when overwintered outdoors.