Pea seeds

Growing suggestions for peas

Start off with a good tilth and firm seedbed. Direct sow your pea seeds once the soil has started to warm up from late March. Sow in drills 3cm deep and 30cm apart. Tall pea varieties will need support, e.g. wires or pea sticks. For an early start, sow pea seeds indoors in pots and plant out to their final spacing.

Peas growing calendar 


Crop History

Pisum sativum is probably one of the first cultivated agricultural crops that were grown by mankind. They are likely to be domesticated in the Mediterranean or the Middle East 11,000 years ago. They were also the one of the first crops studied genetically by Thomas Andrew Knight in the 1790s, and Gregor Mendel in the 1860s.


There is a very high demand for seed at the moment so we are doing our best to keep up with orders and packeting up more seeds. As such we are only accepting a certain amount of orders per day.

Our online shop will be open from 9am each day and we will close it once we have reached our capacity, we have also had to put limits on the amount of any one variety per order (3) and of total order amount (£50), to try to be as fair as possible to all our customers.

Thanks for your patience - we hope you and your loved ones are fit and healthy during this challenging time.

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