Peas – Blauwschokker (Organic)


A stunning heritage pea variety with dark purple pods and bright green peas inside. This ornamental pea is an old European heritage variety. It has attractive pink flowers followed by lots of dark purple pods that contain tender, sweet, green peas.

The delicious peas can be eaten fresh green and podded or allowed to mature for shelling and drying.

Being mostly culitvated in North Germany and Holland, it is a robust and very productive variety. Traditionally this pea is eaten as a dry pea in a soup or stew but it’s also very tasty and tender when eaten fresh.

(Approximate seed count – 80)

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When to sow: March – May

Spacing: 3 x 30cm

Peas tips: A good tilth and firm seedbed is necessary. Direct sow once soil has started to warm up from late March. Sow in drills 3cm deep and 30cm apart. Tall pea varieties will need support, e.g. wires or pea sticks. Early sowings can be made indoors in pots and planted out to their final spacing.

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