Climbing French bean – Golden Gate (Organic)


A vigorous climbing French bean producing bright golden yellow pods and dark green foliage. A heavy-cropping pole bean variety that we really enjoy for the buttery, smooth textured beans that will stay tender and stringless even as they get larger. A great addition to your other green and purple beans.
(Approximate seed count – 75)

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When to sow: May – June

Spacing: 65 x 40cm

Climbing French Beans tips: Direct sow from May until the beginning of June, when the soil has warmed up. If sown when the soil is too cold and/or wet the beans may rot. We recommend building the climbing structure first (poles distanced 65cm between rows and 40cm within the row) and then planting four beans at the base of each pole 4cm deep. This way you will know exactly where the beans have been planted and also you will not damage the roots when building the structure.

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