Brussels sprouts – Groninger (Organic)


An excellent, reliable variety, steadily producing from November up until the end of January. Groninger is a great-tasting Brussel sprout variety, with improving flavour as the cold draws in. It is an ideal choice for your garden, giving a steady supply of small to medium sized sprouts with tight heads just in time for Christmas dinner.
This variety has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit and is tried and tested, sturdy and reliable.


When to sow: March – May

Spacing: 55 x 60cm

Brussels sprouts tips: Direct sowing: start them in a well prepared seed bed, and a few weeks later transplant the young plants into their final growing position. Sow 1 seed every 3 cm, 1cm deep with rows 30cm apart. Modules: Sow late winter or early spring, transplant to final spacing after 4-6 weeks.
Draw soil around stems 1 month after planting to increase stability.