Celery Leaf – Early Bell (Organic)


A ‘cutting’ celery variety of which the leaves are harvested instead of the stalks. Growing cutting celery is a great alternative to stem celery if you just want to add a bit of that delicious celery flavour to your cooking! Cutting celery is more closely related to wild celery, and has a stronger flavour. The leaves can be chopped and added to stocks, soups, and stews. As there is no need to wait for the plant to mature, the leaves can be harvested before traditional celery is ready. The plants are very hardy and will withstand a decent frost. If left in the ground over winter the plants will flower in spring producing many flowers which the bees will love!
(Approximate seed count – 1350)

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When to sow: Feb – June

Spacing: 25 x 25cm

Celery Leaf tips: Leaf celery can be a bit tricky to get going, it is not recommended to sow direct. Start indoors in pots or modules from February, or under cover from March; ideally keeping the temperature above 10C. The seeds should be surface sown as they need light to germinate. Water them from underneath, never from above. The pots or trays can be covered with cling-film to retain moisture. Plants can be transplanted when they have a few true leaves and are still small.

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