Claytonia ‘Winter Purslane’ – (Organic)


A must-have excellent winter leaf of mild flavour and incredibly succulent, soft and juicy texture.. Winter purslane, also known as miners lettuce or claytonia, has heart-shaped elegant looking leaves which are small, abundant and make a great cut-and-come-again salad green. You will get a productive harvest all winter and early spring and if left to self seed, it will just keep coming back year after year.

It is one of those greens that come up in just the right moment when we’re most in need of something fresh and it self-manages very well which is why we like it too.
(Approximate seed count – 850)

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When to sow: Aug – Sept

Spacing: 10 x 20cm

Claytonia ‘Winter Purslane’ tips: Sow seeds in well-watered shallow drills or broadcast sparsely; seeds and seedlings should be kept moist. Leave to flower and seed if you want plants to grow again the next season, otherwise dead head flowers as soon as they bloom.

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