Climbing French bean – Borlotti (Organic)


This bean variety produces gorgeous plump beans with beautiful pink speckles on the pod as well as on the bean.  They are widely used in Italian cooking and have a sweet flavour with a creamy texture when cooked. They are fabulous eaten either young in the pod – raw or cooked, or shelled and eaten fresh. Otherwise allow them to harden off and used like a dry bean for later.

Borlotti beans can be grown indoors or outdoors. They are not as prolific as runner beans but certainly have a place in the garden not just as an eye-catcher but as the tasty, good quality bean that it is.

We love them for their excellent taste, colour and versatility. They will make great homemade baked beans with a tomato sauce or a delicious addition in a stew.
(Approximate seed count – 60)


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