Cucamelon (Organic)


An unusual cucumber relative producing an abundance of grape-sized crunchy fruits. Cucamelons have become popular addition to the veg patch in recent years. Despite the name they are neither cucumber or melon but their own species, Melothria scarba.

They are best grown up a trellis system as they have a sprawling growth habit. Their fruits are crunchy, fresh and tangy, and make a great snack or pickle.
(Approximate seed count – 20)

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When to sow: Mar-May

Spacing: 50x50cm

Cucamelon tips: Start cucamelons inside in pots and plant either outside once all danger of frost has passed or for best results in a polytunnel or glasshouse in April/ May. Keep well watered. Cucamelon need a support structure on which they can climb on, they will get up to 2m tall. They might be slow to take off but when they do, they won’t stop giving. Fruits are ready for harvest when about 1inch long and still firm.

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