Kohlrabi – Superschmelz (Organic)


A light-green kohlrabi that will remain tender and sweet to a huge size. If left to grow it can reach up to 8kg. It is resistant to bolting and splitting.

Fred has been growing Superschmelz kohlrabi for years. “It gets huge, it stores really well AND it stays tasty and crunchy!” is his verdict.

We think kohlrabi is best eaten raw in salads or straight from the garden. It is also nice pickled or added to stews and stir fries.
(Approximate seed count – 100)

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When to sow: Feb – Aug

Spacing: 30 x 15-30cm

Kohlrabi tips: Direct sow in 1cm deep drills 30cm apart from the end of February right through till August, thin to final spacing. Early sowings should be protected with fleece or cloches.
Alternatively sow in modules and plant out to final spacing.
Sow every two weeks for a continuous supply.
Purple varieties are generally hardier and better suited to very early crops.