Leek – Pandora (Organic)


Early summer leek. Delicious and uniform with long white stems. Pandora is a quick maturing summer leek that can be harvested from late summer onwards. It’s delicious and uniform and makes long tender white stems and a dark blue-green foliage.

You shouldn’t really be eating leeks in August, but if you sow Pandora in time you’ll find that it is possible!
(Approximate seed count – 300)

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When to sow: March – April

Spacing: 15 x 30cm

Leek tips: Seedbed method: Sow seed 1cm deep in 10cm wide drills, around 2-300 seeds per metre. When the plants are pencil-thickness, dig them up, trim the roots back to 3cm, and the stems to 2/3 of their original length. Dib holes 15-20cm deep and drop one leek into each hole. Leave the hole open to give the plants room to grow, except in dry spells when the holes should be filled to keep roots from drying out.

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