Nigella – African Bride (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


White petals with contrasting dark maroon spidery centres borne on delicate green foliage. We totally love this variety and regularly had to stop and admire it as we walked past it in the field. It’s a really prolific producer of some of the most elegant blooms we have ever grown.

The flowers have a great vase life and develop into striking dark ornamental seed pods after the petals have dropped.
(Approximate seed count – 200)

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When to sow: Sept/Feb-June

Spacing: 30x15cm

Nigella tips: A hardy annual that can be sown in September to overwinter for early blooms in spring. Sow in modules indoors from Feb and cover with fine layer of compost. Alternatively sow direct outdoors from April in rows 30cm apart.

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