Patty Pan – Custard White (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


Creamy white disc-shaped fruits with a scalloped edge and fine flavour. The plants with a bushy growth habit make delicious flying saucer shaped fruits, 6 – 7 cm in diameter that are classed as summer squash (don’t store for more than 1-2 weeks). The skin of this variety is white and its flesh cream coloured and delicately flavoured. They are best harvested when young, this will encourage the plants to make lots more fruits too.
(Approximate seed count – 20)

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When to sow: Apr-May

Spacing: 1mx60cm

Patty pan tips: Sow in pots indoors from April and plant out in May; or sow direct in May. Cold sensitive, cover the plants with fleece if there is a danger of frost. For an extended harvest do two sowings, one in April and one in early June.
Patty Pan are hungry and benefit from a good dose of manure or compost added to the soil before planting. Harvested when fruits are completely white, which means that they are ripe.

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