Poppy – Corn / Field Poppy (Organic)


Cheerful red flowers announcing the summer, great for pollinating insects. The classic field poppies are a favourite in gardens and fields in almost every part of the world. Single, cup-shaped flowers with brilliant red petals resembling crepe paper, poppy blossoms never disappoint! Low maintenance and fast flowering, they re-seed easily and come back year after year.

Flowering from June through to September, they’re great in a meadow or wildflower garden. Plant them anywhere you want a bright splash of colour that will attract bees and other pollinating flowers.
(Approximate seed count – 1350)

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When to sow: Mar-Apr/Sept-Oct

Spacing: 20x20cm

Poppy tips: Sow directly, preferably in the autumn, where they are to grow. Just scatter the seeds by hand over the prepared soil or use shallow drills. Sow seeds thinly. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil or sand. Grow in any well-drained fertile soil in full sun. Poppies benefit from some space, so its good to thin them to 20cm between plants once they are established, but this is not essential.

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