Courgette – Tondo di Nizza (Organic)


A round pale green courgette with a delicate skin and fine flavour. If you’re looking for something a little bit different in your courgette patch, Tondo di Nizza would be a good choice. It is an Italian heritage variety that provides you with an abundant crop of round courgettes. Best harvested when approximately 10cm in diameter, just before the skin darkens in colour.
(Approximate seed count – 12)

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When to sow: April – May

Spacing: 1 x 0.6m

Courgette tips: Sow in pots indoors from April and plant out in May; or sow direct in May. Courgettes are very cold sensitive, so cover the plants with fleece if there is a danger of frost.
For an extended harvest do two sowings, one in April and one in early June.
Courgettes are hungry and benefit from a good dose of manure or compost added to the soil before planting.

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