Tomato – Ruthje (Organic)


A bright red greenhouse tomato with an exceptionally aromatic flavour, bred specifically for organic cultivation. This variety was bred 1996 in Germany by Ulrike Behrendt. Flavour and resistance to fungal disease was the main focus of the selection. It can deal well with a low intake of nutrients which promotes good taste. The firm fruits should be left on the plant until fully coloured and will keep for a long time on the plant. They can be stored and will also after-ripen. The plant has strong dark green almost shiny leaves, and short internodal length.

Ruthje stands out for its aromatic taste and was one of our favourites in the 2018 tomato trials. If you only wanted to grow one kind of tomato, this would be an excellent choice.
(Approximate seed count – 22)

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Tomato growing calendar


When to sow: Jan-April

Spacing: 40 × 70cm

Tomato tips: Sow from end of January with a heated propagator, or in March without. Transplant into pots at 3-4 leaf stage and then transplant into final growing position in May. For outdoor growing plant after the last frost (mid – end of May).
Pots or growing bags are a popular growing system for gardeners, use at least 25cm pots for satisfactory results.

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