Winter squash – Black Futsu (Organic)


An easy-to-grow prolific variety from Japan, producing round black fruits, incredibly rich in flavour. The mature fruits can weigh between 1 – 3kg and are deeply ribbed with flattened tops, turning an orange colour in storage. They store well but given the exceptional flavour you will get through them quickly! The deep amber-coloured flesh tastes creamy and nutty. Best roasted with salt, pepper and oil.
(Approximate seed count – 12)

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When to sow: April – June

Spacing: 1.5 x 1.5m

Winter squash tips: Sow in pots indoors from April and plant out in May; or sow direct in May. Squashes are very cold sensitive, so cover the plants with fleece if there is a danger of frost.

Squashes are hungry and benefit from a good dose of manure or compost added to the soil before planting. They also do well planted straight into the compost heap!

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